During the Charcot shower procedure, the client is standing, and his body is being massaged with two jets of water from a distance of three meters. The average jet pressure is three atmospheres. Just like with underwater massage, Charcot shower starts with feet and goes up the body following the direction of lymph drainage. This shower procedure is one of the most popular water therapies, which brings both great cosmetic and therapeutical results.

Charcot shower is an excellent method for treating obesity, cellulite and weakness of connective tissue. The desires effect can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. In medicine, the Charcot shower is prescribed to prevent vein disorders and strengthen the walls of veins. It improves the lymph drainage and blood circulation. Charcot shower is also recommended in the case of mild diabetes mellitus, spondylosis and osteoporosis. Unlike underwater massage, Charcot shower tones, stimulates and invigorates the nervous system. It's like a morning exercise for the body. The shower is good for insomnia and depressions. It improves the skin tone and the general mood. Unlike underwater massage, this procedure is shorter – just 15-20 minutes.

For better results, it's recommended to combine Charcot shower with, for example, exercising or any of the procedures for the body. After initiating the treatment course, Charcot shower is recommended 2-3 times a week.


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