For solving gynaecological health and intimate problems:

  • Laser procedures FemiLift® and MonaLisa Touch®
  • Gynaecological injections
  • Intimate plastics

Any procedure requires the consultation of a gynecologist.

Laser technologies open up new opportunities for both therapeutic and aesthetic gynaecology procedures:

  • for treatment of urinary incontinence
  • for restoring vaginal canal strength (for improving the sex life quality)
  • for prevention of menopause symptoms (vagina dryness, itching, burning pain, repeated infections)
  • for recovery during the postnatal period

These are vulvovaginal restoration procedures as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Laser therapy is the most efficient non-surgical assistant to prevent and treat vaginal atrophy and its side effects (vagina dryness, itching, burning pain, urinary incontinence under load, repeated vaginal infections), restore vaginal canal strength, which is faced by many women after delivery or menopause. This method is also invaluable in treatment of vulvar leukoplakia.

Benefits of gynaecological laser procedures:

  • low-invasive procedure (no tissue cuts, bleeding, stitches);
  • no general anaesthesia necessary;
  • no medication (antibiotics, analgesics, etc.) must be used after the procedure;
  • procedure is carried out in day hospital;
  • woman can return to her daily life immediately after the procedure;
  • sexual activity can be resumed 48 hours after the procedure;
  • procedure lasts approx. 3-5 minutes;
  • 2-3 procedures with a 1.5 month interval are required to achieve the desired result;
  • procedure must be repeated annually, in order to retain the result;
  • procedure can be performed for women without age restrictions, also after breast cancer treatment.

Gynaecological injections

This is the opportunity to take care not only of gynaecological health, but also of aesthetics and comfort of the intimate zone at any age.

Hyaluronic acid filler injections in the intimate zone

  • for elimination of aesthetic defects of the external genitals – asymmetry, aging, atrophy, skin tone decrease;
  • for elimination of discomfort and unpleasant sensations – dryness, itching, burning pain, pain during intercourse, postnatal scars, vaginal mucosa atrophy;
  • for improvement of the sexual life quality and sexual pleasure – injections in erogenous zones (G point), vaginal canal restoration and narrowing both after delivery and during menopause.

Method benefits:

  • low-invasive method with local anaesthesia; no scars are formed;
  • no rehabilitation period necessary; hyaluronic acid* is used;
  • provides greater sexual satisfaction for both partners.

I-PRF* (blood plasma) injection in the intimate zone

This progressive method is already widely used in aesthetic dermatology. It is now also used in gynaecology – for prevention of vaginal dryness, postnatal discomfort, rupture/incision scars, reduction of stretch mark, treatment of chronic vulvar diseases, directly affecting the problematic area. Injections are also used as a complementary therapy in urinary incontinence treatment after the laser procedure.

* I-PRF is a structure derived from the person''s blood – a fibrin, on the matrix of which are focused its cells – platelets, leukocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils and stem cells (from peripheral bloodstream). It attracts growth factors in tissues, promotes their recovery process by stimulating collagen synthesis.

In order to achieve better effect, especially in case of elimination of aging symptoms and urinary incontinence under the load, it is recommended to perform both laser therapy and injections.

Labia minora correction – labiaplasty

Very many women suffer from very large or disproportionally small labia minora. If labia minora are enlarged and located outside the labia majora, they can interfere with a number of hobbies, restrict sports activities, they can be easily traumatized, rubbed, not mentioning the woman''s emotional experiences and discomfort in her intimate life. Aesthetic surgery offers a good opportunity for women to eliminate this defect and improve their well-being and comfort.

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