Veselības Centrs 4 aesthetic medicine clinics offer a wide range of solutions of face aesthetic problems by professional specialists having appropriate education and qualifications.

  • Facial skin diagnostics using LifeVizTechnology, which allows analyzing skin condition in detail, preparing therapeutic and daily home care programmes
  • Preventive cosmetology.
  • Skin peeling (including using Alma-Q laser technology)
  • Preparing facial skin for laser procedures and plastic surgery, as well as rehabilitation after these manipulations
  • Apparatus cosmetology (TMT, RF, US, NIR, etc.)
  • Mesotherapy.


  • Highly qualified dermatologists'' consultations and skin condition examinations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic skin diseases
  • Surgical and laser surgical removal of skin formations


  • Anti-age diagnostics and consultations of highly qualified dermatologists
  • Preparing preventive anti-age programmes
  • Improvement of facial skin structure and facial oval contours, using hyaluronic acid (Mesoestetic, Juvederm, Teoxane, Neauvia, Belotero), botulinum toxin (Disport, Vistabel), iPRF, PRP (RegenLab), Kenalog and other injections
  • Skin rejuvenation, improvement of facial skin structure, reduction of wrinkles, eliminations of superficial blood vessels and pigment spots, using aesthetic medicine technologies
  • Correction of scar tissue and stretch marks of all types
  • Laser epilation
  • Solving sweating problems
  • Eliminating excess hair

Clinics have a wide range of apparatus technologies for solving therapeutic and aesthetic problems – Fraxel IISR laser, Harmony®XL Pro, INFINI 3 D, Accent Prime, ELOS eTwo, ELOS PLUS TRINITY, DOUBLO™, 2nd Generation of HIFU, CLARITY, ALMA-Q, Soprano ICE, GentleLASE PRO-U, Vbeam Perfecta laser and other equipment.

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