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Available services:

edicine is an industry solving appearance problems of people. The concept of aesthetic medicine combines various areas of medicine and cosmetology, which allow solving aesthetic flaws, problems of both the face and the body.

Today, we talk not only about cosmetology, aesthetic dermatology and dentistry, but also about aesthetic gynaecology. There are very many methods used in aesthetic medicine, ranging from relatively simple cosmetology procedures and injections to very complex plastic surgeries.

Veselības Centrs 4 aesthetic medicine clinics offer a full range of aesthetic medicine services that can help you solve probably all aesthetic problems of your face and body. It should be noted that each of Veselības Centrs 4 specialists is a professional in his/her field, and all procedures are carried out either by physicians, specialists with medical education, or by specialists in cooperation with physicians (e. g., podologists in cooperation with dermatologists).

Available services:

  • Specialists'' consultations and treatment (preventive medicine specialist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, podologist, technical orthopaedist, phlebologist, etc.)
  • Technology and laser therapy for solving various skin and body problems
  • Aesthetic injections for solving face, body and gynaecological problems
  • Plastic surgery for solving face and body problems
  • Cosmetology, beauty care, spa treatments, massages
  • Foot care, pedicure, manicure
  • Hairdresser''s services, etc.


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