Medical inspection for obtaining the gun registration permit


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Medical examination for obtaining the gun registration permit:

  • When coming to the inspection, take the following documents with you: valid gun registration permit, if any, passport or ID card;
  • Remember – if you routinely use glasses for reading, working with computer or for any other purpose, do not forget to take them with you, when coming to a visit;
  • Take into account – this inspection is remarkable with deep examination of a narcologist/psychiatrist. After successful examination, a person receives a certificate to be submitted to the institution of the Gun Permit System of the State Police of the Republic of Latvia at their declared residence;
  • It is also possible to obtain the narcologist''s and/or psychiatrist''s conclusion to be submitted to the custody court, educational institution or other institutions.

Taking into account the amendments to the Cabinet Regulation No 940 expanding the list of medical contraindications, customers suffering from pancreatic diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, patients who have had heart attacks and strokes are kindly requested to bring a GP''s or attending physician''s certificate of health status stability with all specified diagnoses, in order to facilitate the inspection process.

Medical inspection for obtaining the gun registration permit:

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