The Author: Veselības centrs 4

Occupational Health Department of the multi-profile medical centre SIA Veselības Centrs 4 since 2007 works in a stable team in separate premises and offers a high-quality service – mandatory health inspections in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation No 219 ''Procedure of performance of a mandatory health inspection'' (valid after 10 March 2009).

Occupational Health Department allows performing health inspections quickly, providing for availability at the department of all specialists: occupational physician, ophthalmologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist.

All laboratory tests – blood tests, as well as diagnostic tests (audiometry, spirography, lung photofluorogram, electrocardiogram) – are also performed at the department, thus saving time for both employer and employee.

Our specialists have long work experience in the field of occupational health and still get education and follow actualities in the industry.

Appointment for a visit to the Occupational Health Department of SIA Veselības Centrs 4 is not necessary. Occupational Health Department offers beneficial conditions to cooperation partners and cooperates with all insurance companies.


To ensure and comply with all necessary security measures, we will serve customers only by prior appointment.

Pre-register by calling 67847100 or 67898975.

The service is available in the following branches