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Being aware of today''s rapid rhythm of life, SIA Veselības Centrs 4 group company Capital Clinic Riga offers its customers general health inspections or check-up programmes including full inspection of a person''s health status within maximally shot time without staying at the hospital.

Check-up programme is perfectly suited for active, progressively thinking, but busy and employed people, who value time and quality, since all health inspections can be performed in an efficiently organized process.

Capital Clinic Riga offers health inspections of five levels (Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), as well as specialized programmes:

  • For women: Before 45 years age / After 45 years age
  • For men: Before 45 years age / After 45 years age
  • Specialized programmes: Cardio check-up Healthy Heart / Oncologic diseases screening / Cardiometabolic diseases screening / Physical conditioning evaluation / Diabetes prophylaxis programme

Check-up programmes allow evaluating each customer''s real health status and, if necessary, starting treatment timely, discovering pathologies, changes, aberrations, risks at as early stage as possible and eliminating them as efficiently as possible.

Check-up programme manager follows each customer''s examination course according to a specially prepared protocol and, if necessary, involves specialists and prescribes examinations not included in the programme.

Capital Clinic Riga has unique technologies and diagnostic methods at its disposal, which combined with professionalism and competence of the best physicians, provide perfect, possibilities for evaluation of customers'' health status.

For attention of customer: health insurance companies do not cover health check-up programme payments.

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