Basic information

Certified surgeon, wound management specialist.

Also specialised in ambulatory surgery and traumatology:

  • Injury diagnostics and treatment: traumatic soft tissue injuries, bone fractures, joint dislocations, burns and cold injuries.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of bone and muscle system diseases: osteoarthrosis, muscle and connective tissue inflammations, aseptic bone necrosis.
  • Diagnostics and therapeutic approach in case of abdominal and pelvic organs: diagnostics and treatment of vascular diseases, diagnostics, treatment or therapeutic approach in case of benign and malign tumours.
  • Treatment of purulent surgical diseases: furunculi, carbuncles, phlegmons, abscesses, hydradenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes, glands), mastitis (inflammation of mammary gland), ingrown nails, etc.

Additional information

Member of Latvian Surgeons' Association.

Member of the Board of Latvian Wound Management Association.

Long-term member of EWMA(European Wound Management Association).

Since 2003 dr.Kuspelo has been specialising in treatment of chronic leg trophic ulcers, persistent wounds and bed sores.

Branches in which patients are admitted


Sirsnīgs paldies ķirurģei A. Kušpelo un māsiņai I. Jasiunei par jauko un iejūtīgo ārstēšanu. Neviens neņemās onkoloģiskos pacientus ārstēt. Bet šeit ir vienkārši fantastiska komanda, kas atgriež cilvēku dzīvē. Sirsnīgs, sirsnīgs paldies!!!​

Dace D.
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