Basic information

Performs hair, eyebrow and beard transplantation.

Provides paid and paid services of insurance companies.

Additional information

Surgeon Dr. Ilze Runce is an internationally acclaimed, experienced specialist who constantly updates and develops her skills and knowledge in the field of hair transplantation.


  • (2021 - ) ''Veselības centrs 4'' Ltd., work in the field of hair transplantation 
  • (2020) ''Premium Medical'' Ltd., work in the field of hair transplantation 
  • (2017-2021) Surgeon at ''Kuldīgas slimnīca'' Ltd., head of the admission department
  • (2013 – 2017) Works in the field of hair transplantation at ''Rubenhair Baltica'' Ltd.  
  • (2013) Underwent training in hair transplantation at EASHRS (Euro-Asian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)     
  • (1996 –) On-duty surgeon at P. Stradiņš University Clinical Hospital     
  • (2005-2013) Surgeon at hospital ''Linezers''
  • (1996-2001) Acquires a full residency course at the Latvian Medical Academy, obtaining the qualification of a surgeon     
  • (1989-1995) Studied at the Latvian Medical Institute, obtaining a doctor's degree


Branches in which patients are admitted

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