Basic information

Performs all kinds of surgeries:

  • vein closure using bioglue;
  • steam vein sclerosis (SVS);
  • endovenous laser treatment (EVT);
  • endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERFA);
  • vein surgeries according to Miller-Varady method.

Performs 500 endoluminal vein surgeries per year.

To obtain the best cosmetic result, the doctor uses foam sclerotherapy of veins(also under US control), diathermocoagulation, transcutaneous laser treatmentwith diode (808nm) and (980nm), Nd Yag (1064nm) lasers, with which he closes small veins.

  • Brown skin pigmentation caused by vein insufficiency on shins is removed usingRubīna Q switch (694nm) transcutaneous laser or IPL technologies.
  • Performs treatment of trophic ulcers, using latest technologies, wound management methods and materials.
  • To clean wounds and stimulate caricatrization he uses photodynamic treatment with patented Eufoton 800 SCANNEmaR™ technology.
  • Performs reduction of keloid scars and photo skin renovation, combining different laser procedures.

Consults and treats patients with different arterial diseases and performs reconstructive surgery in the Vascular Surgery Department of RECUH ''Gailezers'', if required.

Additional information

Member of the Latvian Society for Vascular Surgery.

Member of the Latvian Society of Surgeons.

Member of the Latvian Society of Phlebology.

Member of the European Venous Forum.

President of the Latvian Wound Management Treatment Association.

Since 1997 has been specifically specializing in leg vein DUPLEX ultrasound and treatment.


I would like to start with the fact, that Dr. Ūdris is well known among residents in USA, Great Britain and, most likely, also in other countries.
The reason for his great reputation – his ability to perform surgeries using the latest technology and methods. And you can feel it during a surgery. ''Golden hands'' – this would be my brief story about this surgery. The extended story – many years of practice, enthusiasm and experience. It seems, that this job is also his hobby.
But what is a conductor without an orchestra? The entire assisting staff is highly qualified, positive, with high sense of responsibility and simple benevolence!
I didn't expect such an excellent surgery – without pain, fast and without unexpected surprises.
I am enormously happy about this successful surgery.
Good luck with keeping the same high level of performance also in the future!
Thank you a lot!


When a patient feels, that the doctor's hand and words are filled with confidence, it allows not only to believe, but also gain confidence in a positive result.
I would like to express my gratitude for the great work and humane attitude to Dr. Ints Ūdris - for his professionalism. Also, many thanks to the staff, nurses and the positive attitude.

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