Basic information

Provides consultations, conducts treatment and dynamic monitoring in cases of skin diseases for adults and children from the age of 12. Treats dermatitis and infectious skin diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Diagnoses skin formations with the FotoFinder device. Prepares and refers patients to the dermatological board for state-paid biologic medications for psoriasis. Performs skin biopsies, cryodestruction of benign formations, elimination of unwanted formations with CO2 laser, grinding of scars, rejuvenation of facial skin with CO2RE, elimination of unwanted vascular formations using diode laser and IPL system. Performs laser epilation, treatment of nail fungus using a diode laser.

Provides services paid by patients and insurance companies.

Additional information

  • In 2022 - obtained the right to practice selective photothermolysis and ablative laser surgery
  • Since 2018 - dermatovenerologist at SIA Veselības centrs 4 (Health center 4) branch Dermatology clinic and branch Medicīnas centrs TK Spice
  • In 2018 - graduated from the Faculty of Continuing Education of the University of Latvia, obtaining the qualification of a medical specialist in dermatovenerology
  • In 2017 - obtained a certificate in the dermatoscopy method of skin formations
  • In 2016 - obtained a certificate in the mesotherapy method
  • In 2015 - graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia, obtaining medical degree

  • Member of the Latvian Association of Dermatooncology
  • Regularly participates in training organized by the European Association of Dermatooncologists (EADO).
  • Regularly participates in ablative laser surgery method training.
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