Basic information

Provides consultations, carries out treatment and dynamic monitoring in physiotherapy for adults and children from the age of four.

Provides services covered by the National Health Service (NVD) and insurance companies, as well as paid services.

Additional information

  • 2014–2018 – Latvian Academy of Sport Education, professional bachelor''s degree in healthcare with physiotherapist''s qualification
  • 2017 – Professional practical training in sport, Baltijas fizioterapija
  • 2017 – Professional practical training in neurology and orthopaedics as an exchange student, Opolskie Centrum rehabilitacji, Opole (Poland)
  • 2017 – Assistant physiotherapist, 'Special Olympics Fun Fitness Training and Screening Boccea Tournament Kuldīga – Latvija''


Member of the Latvian Association of Physiotherapists.

Assistant physiotherapist for the Swedish RX2 rallycross team Team Faren.

Branches in which patients are admitted

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