Basic information

Gives physiotherapy consultations, prepares individual exercise complex, conducts remedial exercise, therapeutic massage and kinesiological taping.

Consults adults and children from the age of 5 year.

Provides the services paid by insurance companies and fee-based services.

Additional information

  • Since 2023 – physiotherapist in Diplomatic Service Medical Centre, company of the group Veselības centrs 4
  • 2023 – graduated from Riga Stradiņš University
  • 2022–2023 – practical training as a physiotherapist at NRC Vaivari, Children''s Clinical University Hospital Gailesers, ORTO Clinic, Vaivari Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic, P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital
  • 2022 – PINOTAPE taping course – BASIC level

Branches in which patients are admitted

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