Basic information

Advises in cases of various skin problems, including diagnostics and removal of skin growths. Makes hyaluronic acid and PRP injections to correct facial problems. Performs a wide range of laser therapeutic and laser surgical procedures for the correction of various skin conditions. Advises dermatooncological patients, performs excision biopsies (surgical removal).

Provides services covered by insurance companies as well as paid services.

Education and work experience

Since 2020

Lecturer at P. Stradiņš Medical College of the University of Latvia


Lecturer at Riga Stradite University

Since 2018

Dermatologist at ''Veselības Centrs 4'' Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine – 4. DIMENSIJA

Since 2018

Studies at Latvian University Medical Facilities in Residences, learning the specialty of dermatology and venerology


Practice in Hospital '' St. Franziskus-Hospital '' in Minster, Germany


In the framework of the Latvian Medical Students Association exchange programme, practice in the General Surgery Division of the 2 nd Clinical University Hospital in Szczecin, Poland


Studies at Riga Straditins University, graduating from a doctor's degree

Additional information

  • Member of Latvian Association of Dermatovenerologists,
  • European Academy of Dermatovenerologists,
  • International Dermoscopy Society,
  • European Association of Dermato Oncology.
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