Basic information

Provides consultations, performs dynamic follow-up in the event of nail trauma and fungal infections in adults and children. Performs foot and nail care, correction of ingrown nails by using various methods, which are adapted individually for each patient. Performs treatment and removal of calluses and thickening caused by friction (callosities, blisters) by means of cryotherapy or acids, prosthetics of problematic toenails with therapeutic gel, by replacing up to 90% of the absent nail. Offers manufacturing of individual orthoses and inlays from silicone mass by adapting them to the characteristics of the feet of every patient. Uses the multidisciplinary team approach in her work.

Provides services covered by insurance companies and paid services.

Education and work experience

Since 2020

Podiatrist at the Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension of SIA Veselības centrs 4.


Graduated from Pauls Stradiņš Medical College of the University of Latvia and obtained the qualification of a podiatrist.


Manicure and pedicure specialist at Soneil Studio.

Branches in which patients are admitted

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