Ilja Jelisejevs

Resident doctor

Resident doctor in family (general) practice

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Basic information

Provides consultation, treatment and dynamic monitoring of patients with digestive diseases and disorders. Advises on the necessary diets to improve health. Provides recommendations and consultations within the competence of a general practitioner.

Provides services paid by patients and insurance companies.

Additional information

  • Since 2023 - resident doctor in family (general) practice at SIA ''Veselības centrs 4''
  • Since 2023 - intern doctor at Balvi and Gulbene hospital association
  • Since 2022 - resident doctor in family (general) practice at Riga Stradins University Outpatient Clinic
  • In 2022 - graduated from Riga Stradins University obtaining a medical degree

Participation in the study ''ERA-NET Neuron Multi-scale investigation of synaptic dysfunction after stroke''

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