Basic information

Provide advice to a family doctor, diagnose and treat children and adults in acute and chronic diseases, advise on healthy lifestyles and nutrition, recommend the best ways of health prevention. Manage prevention-health testing or check-up programmes.

Performs practical psychotherapeutic work and helps clients improve their quality of life, cognitive and emotional skills, find strength and courage to cope with various life challenges. Provides insurance companies' paid and fee services.

Education and work experience


Graduated from the Riga Stradins University School of Training in the 'Family Medicine' programme and obtained the qualification of a family doctor


Family medical resident at further education Faculty of the University of Latvia


Doctor - trainee in Emergency Medical Service


Graduated from Riga Straditins University Medical Faculty in 'Medicine' and obtained a doctor's degree

Regularly complements knowledge in different courses, seminars and conferences, with a greater focus on disease prevention opportunities today

Additional information

In the years of study, metabolic syndrome has been studied in depth and its impact on patients' quality of life and skin problems.

Branches in which patients are admitted

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