Basic information

Specialized in DUPLEX ultrasound, leg vein diagnostics and treatment.Specialized in DUPLEX ultrasound, leg vein diagnostics and treatment.

Performs all kinds of surgeries:

  • vein closure using bioglue
  • steam vein sclerosis (SVS)
  • endovenous laser treatment (EVT)
  • endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERFA)
  • vein surgeries according to Miller-Varady method.

Performs sclerotherapy of varicose veins, thermal coagulation of capillaries and Nd Yag (1064nm) laser cosmetic procedures.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment for hemorrhoids using THD and Longo methods and laser surgeries of hemorrhoids.

Performs all kinds of outpatient surgeries:

  • hernia, pathologies of tail bone,
  • cutaneous, subcutaneous formations, etc.,
  • laparoscopic surgeries

Provides consultations in phlebology and proctology paid by the National Health Service (NHS).

Education and work experience

Additional information

Member of the World, European and Latvian Association of Surgeons.
Internship in clinics of Germany, Italy, France.


Branches in which patients are admitted

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