Basic information

Massage therapist. Performs general classical, therapeutic and relaxing massage of the entire body or individual areas for adults and children from the age of six, with or without medical indications and a physician''s referral. If necessary, additionally applies elements of various massages (segmental massage, manual lymphatic drainage, trigger point, sports, fascia and other massage techniques) with an individual approach to each customer.

Provides services paid by insurance companies and paid services.

Additional information

  • Since 2023 - masseur, massage therapist at Veselības Centrs 4 branch Anti-Aging Institute
  • Since 2022 – masseur at Physiotherapy Centre Medeors Pluss-S
  • In 2020 – obtained masseur''s qualification in Riga Stradiņš University''s Red Cross Medical College

Branches in which patients are admitted

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