Basic information

Provides consultations, treatment and dynamic monitoring of patients with neurological diseases, memory disorders, headaches, sleep disorders.

Consults patients from the age of 18 years.

Provides the services paid by insurance companies and fee-based services.

Additional information

  • Since 2023 – neurologist at Anti-Aging Institute, branch of Veselības centrs 4
  • Since 2022 – neurologist, memory specialist in SIA GKMed
  • Since 2019 – neurologist in PSIA Ādažu slimnīca (Ādaži Hospital)
  • Since 2012 – neurologist, memory specialist in clinic Gaiļezers of Rīgas Austrumu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca (Riga East Clinical University Hospital LLC)
  • 2012–2022 – residency in neurology at the Faculty of Continuing Education of Riga Stradiņš University
  • 2008–2010 – secretary at the Centre of Experimental Surgery of the University of Latvia
  • 2008–2012 – assistant nurse in SIA Puriņa privātklīnika
  • 2012 – graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia and obtained a doctor's degree

  • Member of Latvian Society of Neurologists
  • Member of the Latvian Association of Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Member of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Unit at RAKUS Gaiļezers
  • Regular participation in boards of physicians for Headache Unit, sleep disorders, neurovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at RAKUS Gaiļezers
  • Work in the Neurovascular Department, Stroke Unit, Emergency Medicine Clinic at RAKUS Gaiļezers

Branches in which patients are admitted

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