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I provide counseling to young people and adults if you suffer from acute or chronic stress and anxiety (social anxiety, panic attacks, vegetative dystonia, etc.), long-term depression, burnout, depression, behavioral disorders (aggression, tantrums), self-esteem and self-doubt, difficult relationships with others (conflicts, divorce, difficulty building relationships, loneliness), crisis situations.
I conduct psychological research of the intellect and emotional sphere for young people and adults.

Counseling by a psychologist is recommended if:

  • you lack vitality or joy of life;
  • you are currently confused in one of the spheres of life;
  • you have doubts about yourself, your abilities;
  • you have a vision for the future but no clear plan;
  • you want to change profession;
  • you want to improve your appearance and health;
  • you tend to forget things;
  • you tend not to finish what you have started;
  • you want to change a specific pattern of your behavior;
  • you are characterized by procrastination (postponing work);
  • you are short of time;
  • you want to improve your financial situation;
  • you are susceptible to stress (easily irritated, upset, offended, etc.);
  • you would like to develop your self-confidence more;
  • you would like to increase your self-confidence;
  • you would like to increase your self-esteem;
  • you lack a balance between work and family life.

Provides paid and paid services of insurance companies.

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