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Date of publication: 26.08.2019.

Endovenous surgery leaders meet at an international forum in Riga

''2nd Northern European Endovenous Forum'' (NEEF) took place in Riga from 17 – 19 August. The forum organizer, ''Health Centre 4'' branch ''Baltic Vein Clinic'', gathered more than 120 recognised endovenous surgery professionals from Europe, Asia, America and Middle East in the hotel ''Pullman Hotel Riga''. NEEF scientific committee was represented by endovenous surgery leaders - Dr. Ulf Thorsen Zierau (Germany), who is the author of the forum idea, Dr. Ints Ūdris (Latvia) and Dr. Carl Henrik Schelp (Sweden). Reports on achievements and topicalities in the sector were presented by lecturers from 16 countries.
During NEEF opening dinner, one of the leading endovenous surgery experts in the Western Europe, Prof. Thomas Proebstle (Germany), was awarded a writ of gratitude as the pioneer of modern endovenous surgery in Latvia. 18 years ago, specialists of ''Health Centre 4'' visited exactly Prof. T. Proebstle to become the first specialists in the Baltics, who acquired knowledge about latest endovenous surgery methods and technologies of the time.
The second day of the forum was dedicated to presentations and reports of sectoral experts about methods, studies and discoveries in the sector of endovenous surgery, whereas at the forum closing the latest treatment methods and technologies were demonstrated and evaluated practically during model surgeries at the modern-equipped operating room of ''Health Centre 4''.

NEFF participants were granted 13 international credit points (EACMME), as well as 18.5 credit points from the Latvian Medical Association.

''Technologies meet practice''
Forum participants admitted, that the 2nd NEEF is most valuable and independent sectoral event in terms of content. No general sponsor was attracted for the forum - therefore, topics of lecturer reports and methods of model surgeries were not restricted according to interests of a certain company or organization. Specialists had an opportunity both to make objective assessment of materials and equipment offered by various manufacturers, and have a free discussion about application of technologies, treatment methods and their combinations in practice.

Special attention during the forum was paid to two new methods of endovenous surgery:
During model surgeries, Dr. I. Ūdris presented and demonstrated the developed modification of laser surgery - TOTAL EVLA method, using 3rd generation laser. This method allows using the laser for all blood vessels to be closed, without removal of side branches of veins. Both trunk and lateral veins are closed, using two types of light guides. Since vein branches are not physically removed, there is no haematoma, bandages must be held only one night, and compression socks must be worn only one week.

Prof. M. Whiteley (Great Britain) reported about the results of developed microwave (EMWA) and HIFU methods. HIFU method, which is currently under active practical research, allows targeting walls of veins to be closed with ultrasound through the skin. If efficiency of HIFU method will be clearly proved, it will become a revolutionary solution, because this method is completely non-invasive (no cuts, punctures) and it is also intended for treatment of trunk veins.

Personalized solutions – the future of medicine already now
The aim of endovenous surgery is to refrain from radical vein surgeries (vein stripping), use of anaesthesia and to ''get out of the classical operating room'' (Dr. C.H. Schelp). Sectoral specialists continue to develop low-invasive, low-pain, fast and maximally safe treatment methods, which do not leave traces and do not require long recovery. Constant emphasis is put on the individual treatment solutions for each patient and the importance of prophylaxis yet before occurrence of disease.

Dr. I. Ūdris calls the public not to be confused in the offer of endovenous surgeries and manipulations, and critically assess the reason for seemingly low prices, as not always all costs related to surgery are indicated in pricelists of medical institutions.

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