Date of publication: 21.01.2020.

Preventive medicine

One of the characteristics of the 21st century is the ageing of the society – as the number of elderly people increases, the average age of the population is growing. This trend has arisen as a result of the rapid development of science, medicine and general welfare. The very understanding of the concept of ageing has also changed within less than a century – the motivation of enjoying the life in the most valuable meaning thereof has replaced the years gone and remaining.

Although ageing is most associated with visual changes caused by the time, it is only the visible part of the process. Our body is a complex of several functioning systems that are working as a united whole. Comprehensive operation of all systems ensures health and wellbeing, as well as long and active life. The concept of Anti-Ageing involves the change of paradigm – from struggle with the disease to care for health. Therefore, the future of healthcare is based on personalised preventive medicine.

At every stage of life and at any age the management of ageing manifests differently. However, the beginning of the process is similar – meeting the specialist of preventive medicine to assess the current health condition, to define the objectives and to reach them. Anti-Ageing and preventive medicine plans can be implemented at any age. The specialists are working within the framework of the concept of personalised medicine – without categorising the customers by age group and subordinating the following activities to this factor. The unique experience of each person is considered instead – their lifestyle and rhythm, disease history, habits and resources. The comprehensive information enables detection and prevention of risk factors and development of personalised programme for the prevention or delaying thereof. The outcome is long and wholesome life, as well as wellbeing and financial viability – investment in health always pays off amply.

Youth and health in us and around us
Ageing is affected by genetic, as well as external factors.

Nowadays, factors of genetic ageing can be analysed at the level of DNA, if the respective tests are performed. Such analysis enables prompt determination of risk factors and alterations in the genes, before the disease has manifested. Identification of the risk factors and implementation of appropriate adjustments – additional examinations, medications, vitamins, trace elements, lifestyle and dietary changes, enables maximum reduction of the risk of the disease.

Along with the information contained in the genes, ageing is affected by external factors. The ageing process is accelerated by ultraviolet radiation, obesity (at the waist), glycation, smoking, suboptimal and harmful diet, stress, sleep deficit, air pollution, addictions. We can comprehensibly affect these factors by performing epigenetic corrections – change of lifestyle, diet and habits, appropriate and sufficient selection of physical activity, etc.

Currently, the only institution in Latvia that offers the development of a comprehensive anti-ageing plan and implementation thereof is Anti-Aging Institute. The all-inclusive process is ensured within one clinic, starting with the first specialist consultation and continuing with precise diagnosis and the development of the action plan (therapy and prevention), monitoring, implementation thereof and further co-operation in the new quality. If is work with yourself and co-operation with the specialists you require for a lifetime, striving towards the optimal objective – elimination of the causes of the problem, instead of fighting consequences thereof.

Anti Aging Institute
Riga, 18 Baznicas street
Phone: 67847718, 25418181

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